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A place where we come to heal our broken pieces and find our way home .

A place where we come to heal our broken pieces and find our way home .

A place where we come to heal our broken pieces and find our way home .A place where we come to heal our broken pieces and find our way home .A place where we come to heal our broken pieces and find our way home .

About Us


Our Vision

Lead with Love Enterprises is shaping and developing our sanctuary of a home into a Healing Sanctuary and Retreat destination; promoting hope, health, education, recovery, relaxation, and providing countless magical moments for all who visit our community.  We, as stewards of this beautiful property, feel a responsibility to share what we have and to give from our hearts.  This magnificent place holds magic that is felt in the breeze through the bamboo, in the calls of the birds, and in the hearts of its inhabitants. Lead with Love is a movement that was created out of love, forgiveness, and healing, and our dream is to bring these vital aspects of our human existence to ALL who wish to share in it.


Our Mission

LoveLand Healing Sanctuary and Retreat Center will provide an environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of western life,  with plenty of space for retreat groups.  We will host yoga classes, healing ceremonies, couples retreats and host workshops around subjects such as fear, self-worth, health, love, communication, relationships, and more.  We are partnered with skilled and licensed practitioners in these areas who along with Ellie and Jason will help guide LoveLand visitors in their enjoyment, entertainment, recovery, education, and enlightenment.  We are currently hosting private parties and concerts on the property for groups that align with our vision and we are set to launch our weekly “Sunday Yoga at the LoveLand Property” this Spring. 



We are shining our light out to others in the belief that there are humans in this world who live in abundance that have the desire to give of themselves in order to help the growing number of people who are in need of this place and it’s magic.  Our hope is for you to see our vision through your eyes and through the eyes of someone who could benefit from a stay at LoveLand, and to feel that with your ability to give of yourself, you have the chance to help so many.  We are in need of generous humans with big hearts to continue the development of additional living spaces, gardens, recreation centers, maintenance equipment, and more. 


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Contact Us

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We invite you to meet with us, even virtually, so we may have the opportunity to interact and hear our vision from our voices and feel it in our energy.  We would love you to be part of our sanctuary and would love to dedicate each portion of our community to each of our donors; telling your story along with ours.  We want to be the light that leads us closer to ourselves and healing. We are grateful for your time in reading this, and for the opportunity to share our vision with you.

Donations accepted w great HUMILITY and GRATITUDE (561) 702-6235 or (813) 404-1071

 In Love and Gratitude,

Ellie Borges & Jason Van Heule

Lead with Love Enterprises

LoveLand Healing Sanctuary and Retreat Center

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Our gratitude is beyond measure.

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